Yellowstone: Ribbon Lake Trail

Wow, oh wow did I like this trail.

We parked near Artist’s Point by the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. As expected, its packed with tourists looking to catch a glimpse of Yellowstone’s majestic canyon water wall.

We walked down the crowded path and found the hardly noticeable trailhead to Ribbon Lake. Just a few steps in and you are completely alone. It’s amazing how many people visit Yellowstone and never really see it, because they never leave the parking lot. Climbing uphill to a birds-eye view of the canyon, Mother Earth gave us a private show.

We continued on and ended up in some lush forest. Now, to the experienced hiker, this part of the hike may seem underwhelming. Stick with it, I promise. After a two-mile hike in the woods, we came through to a gigantic prairie filled with bison and deer. Not a person in sight for miles. Three bison were right on our trail, so we had to do a little off-roading to maintain a safe distance. After you get past this part of the maze you come across what looks like Mars. Thermal pool after thermal pool. It was just plain awesome.

This is not a difficult hike. But hikers of all levels should give it a try. Why? In seven miles you see deep canyons, lush forest, poetic prairies, clear-blue lakes, and a space-like tundra.




Travel Writer | Greek-American | More Travel = Better Global Citizens.

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Cait Kontalis

Cait Kontalis

Travel Writer | Greek-American | More Travel = Better Global Citizens.

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